Daily motion video optimization tips

Daily motion video optimization is similar and like any other video optimization. The SEO Expert Singapore has defined video optimization at several occasions. Nonetheless, seeing your interest they are again providing you information regarding video optimization.

The SEO Expert Singapore knows that you have just finished touching on your new video. We also know that the video has been edited, polished and ready for the World Wide Web. However, prior to hit the publish button, you must ensure that is it really ready? Has the video optimization been done for search engines? The SEO Expert Singapore understands your problem that you will have to work harder for the optimization but this effort is better than losing traffic and ranking. Obviously, there is no requirement that you must be expert like SEOExpert.com.sg. We can guide you through step by step process.

Four important steps of video optimization

  1. First step: The most important step is to find your target keywords. These are the words that your audiences types at the time of search. These are related to video’s topic. Google Keyword Tool is a great tool to find these keywords.
    1. Second step:  Title: You will need to create an SEO friendly title. The SEO in Singapore can assume that you have the knowledge that search engines cannot hear, see, or understand and what your video about is.

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