Video Optimization Tips for Vimeo

The SEO Specialist in Singapore giving you the following tips to enhance your videos for Vimeo.

  1.  Title: Like every written and printed thing ‘title’ is the most elementary part of video. Similarly, for video optimization it is necessary because for the video page on Vimeo, it is equal to the SEO title. It should be comprised of maximum 70 characters with relevant keywords.
  2. Descriptions: Although the first 160 characters are considered as Meta descriptions and do not help in ranking, yet they show in search results of search engines. Therefore, you must add a description to your video.
  3. Category or Tags: They are not important as they do not improve any ranking in the main search engines but they can improve your video’s ranking on Vimeo’s own ranking
  4.  Transcription: If you do not mention the name of your business, name or primary keywords then you will miss your purpose
  5. Thumbnails: You can get benefits from Vimeo thumbnails because if you select a good thumbnail it would encourage the viewers. Clearly, there are countless videos and an appropriate thumbnail increases the chances of viewing.
  6.  Embedding: It enhances the chances of more video views. You can include a Creative Commons license in the Advanced Setting of Vimeo
  7.  Views:  Why are you publishing a video on Vimeo? There must be a purpose. The most important purpose is to get hire ranking than others. You can achieve this goal if more viewers watch your video. Therefore, you should plan your video optimization strategy focusing on more views. You should share your videos on social network or you can develop a specific page on your website for your videos. Promote your video as much as possible.

    Great tips by SEO Expert Singapore

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