Image optimization tips—Easy tips to get your image in top of search results


Image optimization has become an important need of the current time. Clearly, images are vital for your web pages but without their optimization, their worth is nothing. Therefore, SEO in Singapore has researched extensively to provide you sufficient knowledge about image optimization. Moreover, you can get the help of SEO Specialist in Singapore, if you find any ambiguous point in the current article.

What is the significance of image optimization?

Many people do not understand the weight of image optimization and do not give required importance to this aspect specially. We all know that images make our websites adorable and catchy and work like link bait they attract more traffic towards our website and thus enhance our presence and improve business.

Image Optimization Tips

Some of the important aspects are: URL structure, anchor texting, and descriptive tagging. The SEO Specialist in Singapore would love to improve your knowledge about image optimization; therefore, they are keen to facilitate you with some important image optimization tips. Definitely, these tips will enlarge the performance of your web pages and magnify your presence on the web.

You require an image

Logically, if you do not have an image how can you optimize it. Moreover, the availability of fascinating images makes your task easy, besides their presence on your website make it stunning and enhance traffic. Obviously, text is an important part of your web page and most part of your page comprises of text but usually people do not have time to read it thoroughly. On the other hand, even a tiny image can make a difference. However, the problem is where to find good and suitable images for your website.  However, the task of finding images is not as difficult as it seems. If you do not have money, you do not want to increase your expenses by hiring the service of professional photographer or graphic designer, or you do not even want to buy expensive online images. You can get countless free images on Google images (be cautious you cannot use them without permission), stock. exchange, Flickr, and iStockPhoto.

Keywords and File Formats

The need of keyword cannot be ignored in image optimization. Therefore, your image file name must have keyword-rich words as they are necessary for the relevancy. You should choose common file formats like GIF, JPEG, PNG or BMP. Moreover, with these file format use specific words that can help the search engine for relevancy.

Alt text and captions

Your images can be recognized through proper implementation of Alt text or tags. Obviously, search engines are not able to recognize an image’s text content. Therefore, search engines require caption around the image in shape of file names or alt text.

Similarly, the utilization of tags or Alt text is important for the recognition of your images. This makes the task of search engine easier to recognize your image by using alt text, or file names.

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