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Authority Linking Tips

When you talk about SEO, authority linking is considered an important element. Authority linking lets you increase the page rank at Google. Authority linking can be applied to blog as well as to the standard website. You need to follow some top quality authority linking tips in order to get success and to achieve your target. You can take start by guest post blogging. In this technique you will write content for the blogger and in return you will get the inbound links coming to your website. You can write anything but you need to make sure that you use anchor text as a backlink for your website. You can also do blog commenting and this thing can earn you many authority links to your website. You can achieve high rankings in the search engines by using blog commenting. Social media plays an important role in getting the links as well. You need to make sure your website or blog is connected with the social media network so that users can share your content with their own networks.


You can do article directory submission to drive more traffic to your website. This technique will let you gain more links to your website and it will also enhance your search engine ranking. Directory submission websites also play an important role in giving you more traffic and to give powerful links to your website. Press release submission is also an important thing to do if you want to generate authority backlinks. You publish the press release and then pass on to different organizations and publications. You can send all the information you want in the press releases.


Forum participation also plays an important role for the foundation of links and for generating more traffic. You can start new discussions or even participate in ongoing discussions to spread your message. You can participate just by signing up and giving a little information. Video marketing can also be used and according to some estimates video has more chances to come on the first page of the search engines rather than simple websites which are text based. You can add testimonial on any other website and that testimonial can work in a positive manner for you. You can use the trick of link exchange and this can be done in partnership. You need to keep in mind that authority back linking is complex and lengthy process and few quality links are better than having many non relevant and low quality links.

A Simple Trick For “ SEO can be done without Keywords research & Usage ” Revealed


SEO develops High traffic to your site through Content Marketing in Search Engine. Usability focuses on attention like product purchase given to special behaviors your wish to trigger.Usability cares about more conversions and not search engine bots.

SEO is a bot centric practice,is to attract the attention of algorithms not human beings. It is linked with keyword stuffing and content marketing.This tactic is abandoned in an usability camp.

Usability doesn’t favor keywords or footers. It demands to create a content that reads well, have a pleasing flow and an informative feel. This will gain the readers trust and attention and the bots will follow.

Usability doesn’t support fat footers. SEO demanded site links and keywords present in the content, to increase the number of the footers. But usability refuses this and no longer boosts SEO in this manner.

SEO can’t crawl on images & videos whereas usability can do it.There are many…

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How to do content optimization

Content really plays an important role in social media. When you are done with the content writing process, the need of content marketing arises. Content optimization is an important and crucial step when you are in process of content marketing. This is the step through which you provide data to the search engines and they will determine your content and thus your business. All the information is then displayed for relevant keywords and phrases by the search engines. You need to make sure that you tailor your content optimization process according to the type of content you are having. Content types can be text, images, news and videos.  You need to optimize content in the best way in all the formats. Optimization of the text is important. Landing pages content optimization is important as they contain information about other pieces of content as well. Most important element is title tag for website optimization. Title tag in html code will tell what the page and website is about. Title tags can be used at search engines and at social media networks to give description about the page when content is shared.


Meta descriptions get displayed in the result pages of search engines which are commonly referred as SERPs. They are displayed as the descriptive text to give information to your audience. You need to avoid generic descriptors which don’t tell anything about your content. Search engines sometimes limit the words to 150 characters so you need to be precise. Meta keywords also play an important role in optimizing your text for the website. It is common practice that if your URL is keyword rich then it will give more descriptive information about the content. You need to make sure that your URL is simple, straightforward and meaningful to give relevancy about your content.


Images can also be optimized like the text content. Alt tags can be used as description to image can be shown when image don’t get displayed due to some reason. Images tags can be used when user do scrolling over an image. Audience can understand the image through image tags. File name and file size must also be appropriate to keep the image relevant with the content. Videos can also be optimized by giving video titles with relevant and attractive keywords. Video description can be given which will portray clearly to the visitors. You need to optimize description and title tags for both video and images so that search engines can recognize them. Optimizing news is a hard and competitive task. To be included in Google news results you need to submit press release or blog. After approval from the Google news team your content will be displayed in the search results of news. You need to have static URL and that means you need to have separate page for every story you produce. Keywords are important in news and your news posts must be keyword optimized. You need to give relevant keywords in each of your posts.  Headlines of the news must be interesting and you need to make sure that they grab visitor’s attention.

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Tips when creating a reference letter

If you are asked to write a reference letter, you should not write it blindly. To write a reference letter is a crucial responsibility. Thus, you are legally bound that you are telling truth about a person. Therefore, you should not write reference letters for unknown persons. You must have adequate knowledge about the candidate and his/her character. If the candidate did not work with you in the past then you cannot give a false statement of his experience or expertise.

Moreover, you should not write reference letter for those who have been against at some point in the past because this reference letter can be used to tarnish your image.

A reference letter is a factual statement; therefore, do not write anything irrelevant and do not boost the candidate too much. People who like you would definitely hire the recommended person but later on, they can argue you about your wrong statements.

Google is experimenting Google ranking algorithm that does take back-link into consideration when calculating ranking (Matt 20 Feb video)

Recently, a person asked Matt Cutts, the head of search spam of Google about backlinks. The question was about the complete exclusion of backlinks relevancy. However, according to Matt Cutts, this is not in public domain, it has been experimenting internally, and the results are not good. Regarding the search rankings of Google people developed some doubts due to the utilization of backling building. Nonetheless, Matt claims that overall backlinks are great success, if you consider the quality of search results.

 What Google is up to?

SEO Experts in Singapore reveals that although Google has taken advantages through the backlink relevance turning off, but this attempt has helped Google to become the most reliable and relevant set of search results due to the significance of the indicator. You cannot even imagine a Google search without backlinks. Although there are chances that spammers would find a way for abusing. The experimental search results that ignore the backlinks are very important for us; unfortunately, we do not have a chance to view them.

Do you need backlink?

With reference to SEO in Singapore, Backlinks are still the most significant signals, although Google utilizes several kinds of signals for algorithms ranking. Spammers have been used low quality backlinks and recently through algorithm updates Google has targeted them. Obviously, these backlinks are useless now.

The links that are created automatically, mass article submission, paid blog networks, paid links and forum profiles are included by low quality backlinks. Clearly, for the promotion of your website, you have been using these links, you will have to think about something else!Evidently, to your all other link building questions an answer is available but this is also a kind of question itself. If it did not change your Google ranking by any means will you still try to get back that backlink. Certainly, the backlink is an adequate backlink, if your answer is affirmative. Definitely, if a backlink is a good method to attract visitors towards your website and has become a source of generating money with a link of a different site then the return of that backlink is your utmost need.Moreover, Google can also make sense of a backlink, if it makes sense to regular visitors of your website. Similarly, for your Google rankings, links that can pay for themselves through delivering traffic are also a source of contribution.

Likewise, you should not worry about the perfect anchor text and nofollow links because if a nofollow link is able to attract visitors towards your website then it is a good opportunity for you. Logically, the natural link profile of your website takes advantages from nofollow links.

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