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SEO Tips & Tricks

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There are many on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques that we can use for each of our websites, some that often get overlooked. So, here is a checklist of the most important techniques that we can use for 2014.

Editor’s note: Some of these have been around for a while but they are always good as a refresher.
SEO Techniques
Title Tag

The best and most effective way to use the title tag is to not to make the title tag longer than 70 characters. The title should be according to your page; try to use the long phrased keyword within the title tag.
Description Tag

Use this tag smartly. Describe your page content and try to use your most competitive keywords in the text. Use no more than 160 characters.
Keywords Tag

We all know that Google stated that this tag does not affect…

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