Do you want to become SEO enthusiast? Follow these simple SEO steps and rock in internet world

Recognize the significance of web traffic– Search Engine Optimization is about enhancing traffic on a website. Without bringing maximum visitors to the website, you would not be able to expose your site to potential customers. Recognize its importance so that you can convert your website visitors into actual customers.

Keyword research- You have to do research to find out how people search your topic. You can use keywords research tools to evaluate how many people actually use that term.

Choose domain name carefully– Domain name is your web address that should be related to topic and rich with most frequently researched keywords so that people can easily recall it and visit again and again.

Right platform- Appropriate platform should be used for website building. Word press is ideal because of its plugins, ease of use and general search engine preference and most importantly it is Google as well as users’ friendly.

Quality website content– You need to establish exclusive high quality content and must be original. Content is the key to invite traffic. Content should be informative as well as interesting to grab visitors attention.

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