Are You Using Proper Hashtags To Present Your Brand Story, dos and donts of hashtags

For engaging in conversation around your niche, meeting new customers and promoting your brand, hashtag is fantastic way. To put it simply, hashtag is simple way to organize thoughts around a common topic, conversation or subject. Promotion of business and brands on social networking sites has gone viral. The use of hashtags has become mainstream on social media giants as they can help marketers and advertisers track conversation among consumers. Supported platforms of the hashtags are twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, pineterest and Google+.

Let’s have a look on brief history of hashtags. Hashtags were first entered on social networks in 2007. Chris Messina (factoryjoe) posted the first tweet suggesting people to use the symbol: how do you feel about using # (pounds) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]? In 2102, Google introduced the hash tag feature on social network and the trend of hash tag gained momentum on Facebook in 2013 and now it is commonly utilized on almost all social networking websites.

Hashtags are part of social media marketing. Every marketer and advertiser is now taking time to plan a hashtag strategy resulting in much stronger and effective brand promotion. Hashtags contribute a lot in finding target audience but the point to consider is that are you really making correct use of hashtags for telling your brand story. Social media hashtags are used to optimize the content and increase the engagement across social media channels. When used properly, a good hashtag can highlight the subject or categorize the message on related brand and incorrect use of hashtags confuses audience and results in the content that looks like spam. Find out the dos and don’ts of hashtags to check whether you are using proper hashtags or not. Consider how can you extend your brand story and encourage long-term engagement with brand. For example see how SEOs are using hashtags to tell story.

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