What is Infographic and how could it influence the traffic to a website?

An infographic is basically artistic representation of information by using graphs, charts, maps, pictures and diagrams intended to present complex information clearly and quickly. Infographics are of great importance when it comes to generating leads, advancing brand and building traffic. Check out how infographics can influence the traffic to a website.

Sharable– Infographics have the capacity to go viral. Infographics give audience something that they can repost and share with friends thus increases the chances that your information is being shared all across the internet. A well crafted visual representation of data that speaks to audience and convey interesting and useful information can get picked up from your website and can be reposted several times by your followers.

Understandable- A study according to WebDAM revealed that human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text and 65% of audiences are visual learners. Information in the form of images and eye catchy graphics capture the attention of people and make them stay on your website. Information in this way is easy to understand and memorize. The more people will understand, the more they will share it with others and this way cause an increase in the traffic.

Credibility– Pictures never lie. A picture is worth thousand words. Images and visual presentation of information increases the credibility and authenticity of your content. Audiences only look for interesting and credible information as internet is bombarded with information and there is high degree of skepticism in the audience. So infographics give reasons to people to rely on your information.

Easy to scan- Scanning and skimming are in human nature. Most of the humans scan through the web post before deciding whether the post is worth reading. No one has time to read the whole content. A good crafted infographics give your audience an urge to read your content. The viral nature of the infographics makes people link to your website. This way, the visibility of your website increases. Google will index your website higher.

Powerful Marketing Tool- With the growing trend of online marketing, infographics have occupied an important space in cyber world as the powerful marketing tool. Infographics don’t only contribute in creating brand awareness but also gives your customers a chance to virtually sample your product. Research also has showed that people are ten times likely to buy the product that they have seen than those which they have only read its description.

Infographics allow businesses to showcase their information in appealing and interesting way. Infographics don’t only make it easier to understand complex information but also strengthens both website traffic as well as website’s profile.

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