Innovative content creation guide- Follow these steps to produce best engaging content

As online media has been evolving and new ways are being discovered, one thing is abundantly clear that content is the king. The asset for a website is its content. In ruthless competitive environment in online marketing where there is bombardment of information, novelty and uniqueness are in huge demand. It attracts numbers of visitors and encourages prospects to take action. Find out the ways to produce best engaging content to attract maximum numbers of people.

1. Clarity in intention and value- Content is not just about information and uniqueness instead content marketing is amalgam of utility, enjoyment, creativity and inspiration. Balance is the key. According to Ann Handley the queen of content marketing and chief content officer at Marketing Profs, innovation in the content cannot be achieved without combining three elements including utility, inspiration and enjoyment. Ann puts it as: “Content marketing means you consistently create and share information that is packed with utility, seeded with inspiration, and is honestly empathetic to attract customers to you.”In order to make content engaging, make sure to utilize these factors.

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How to do content optimization

Content really plays an important role in social media. When you are done with the content writing process, the need of content marketing arises. Content optimization is an important and crucial step when you are in process of content marketing. This is the step through which you provide data to the search engines and they will determine your content and thus your business. All the information is then displayed for relevant keywords and phrases by the search engines. You need to make sure that you tailor your content optimization process according to the type of content you are having. Content types can be text, images, news and videos.  You need to optimize content in the best way in all the formats. Optimization of the text is important. Landing pages content optimization is important as they contain information about other pieces of content as well. Most important element is title tag for website optimization. Title tag in html code will tell what the page and website is about. Title tags can be used at search engines and at social media networks to give description about the page when content is shared.


Meta descriptions get displayed in the result pages of search engines which are commonly referred as SERPs. They are displayed as the descriptive text to give information to your audience. You need to avoid generic descriptors which don’t tell anything about your content. Search engines sometimes limit the words to 150 characters so you need to be precise. Meta keywords also play an important role in optimizing your text for the website. It is common practice that if your URL is keyword rich then it will give more descriptive information about the content. You need to make sure that your URL is simple, straightforward and meaningful to give relevancy about your content.


Images can also be optimized like the text content. Alt tags can be used as description to image can be shown when image don’t get displayed due to some reason. Images tags can be used when user do scrolling over an image. Audience can understand the image through image tags. File name and file size must also be appropriate to keep the image relevant with the content. Videos can also be optimized by giving video titles with relevant and attractive keywords. Video description can be given which will portray clearly to the visitors. You need to optimize description and title tags for both video and images so that search engines can recognize them. Optimizing news is a hard and competitive task. To be included in Google news results you need to submit press release or blog. After approval from the Google news team your content will be displayed in the search results of news. You need to have static URL and that means you need to have separate page for every story you produce. Keywords are important in news and your news posts must be keyword optimized. You need to give relevant keywords in each of your posts.  Headlines of the news must be interesting and you need to make sure that they grab visitor’s attention.

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